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Trendy & Adorable Baby Girl Outfits Under $20

Written by Anda Ontiveros


Posted on October 11 2018

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Hey there, mommas. It's almost the weekend which means....well, nothing really because we're always on whether it's Monday or Saturday. Ugh! 

But, not even my 3 year old toddler can distract me from my online window browsing. And it's because these days it's the ONE decision I can make by myself. I can freely bypass family meetings, democratic votes and a general consensus on what we need to do.

Nope, none of that. Online shopping is my kingdom and I buy whatever I want, although truthfully I rarely by anything for myself anymore, it's all for the kids. Oh well, I'll take it. 

So, I hope you'll enjoy my monthly picks for Trendy & Adorable Baby Girl Outfits Under $20.  Not only these are cute and inexpensive but you can mix and match a couple of these and create a ton of different outfit for your little girl! Here they are and they're all from The Land Of Elephants




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